2015 Derby

Firing Line (2nd place) and Dortmund (3rd place) helped us win a little money!   I guess I can suffer a hat once a year if it means spending time with great neighborhood friends and even some of the SCE teachers.


That Awkward Moment

...when you have to quit the soccer team because you get your ears pierced right as the season starts.

P.S. Kyle is 11, too.

I couldn't let the year go by without also mentioning Baby B.  Kyle went to Myrtle Beach with the Garmans during Spring Break.  He returned from that trip (which was considered his birthday celebration) without pictures.  However, here are a few of the handsome guy at age 11.

Unicorn hat from the Chalk Fest in Nashville.

Sad team after a loss in the championship game.

Pep talk from a SCHS senior before the game.


Fans? Still!?!

These show up in our mailbox several times each year----still.  The ones that are the funniest are the ones that say, "I am your biggest fan!" Most are from those just trying to complete collections of minor/major league baseball cards.  Mike always signs them and sends them back --- laughing all along.  Honest or not, it's still a little flattering and something the kids enjoy seeing.  They're proud of their dad.