SCMS Basketball: Season 1

They came in second in the JV Championship Tournament.
Great effort and heart by players and coaches.
I'm especially partial to this player:
And this coach:



It takes extreme baby steps to get the students in my creative writing classes to write anything of substantial length.  To ease them into the new year I have them choose one word to focus on (instead of writing resolutions) a la the #oneword campaign as seen here or here.  Not willing to ask them to do something that I wouldn't do, I also choose a word.  There are so many words that would make my life better if I put them front-and-center in my life:  faith, patience, breathe, fun.  However, my word came to me as I was filling out the 2016 calendar and writing down the kids' birthday:  SIX.  That's how many years we have with them until they are 18.  It's gonna' fly by!  So I'll focus on SIX as a reminder to have more faith, show more patience, take more time to breathe, and have more fun with my children while I can.


Christmas Eve Eve

I have a Christmas cold so Mike made dinner.  

"I didn't even know he knew how to preheat the oven!" ~Cameron

K and C made rice krispie treats and muddy buddies to munch on while we prepare for storms and possible tornadoes.  It's 65 degrees outside!  Unusual Christmas Eve Eve.