Mike told them we only have eight more years and then they're out of the house.  C gasped in despair and K smiled.  They are still so different---as I'm sure they always will be---but both still amazingly wonderful.  Separate parties this year.  Happy 10th Birthday, K and C!


Good to Know

Pour hydrogen peroxide down your bulldog's throat every ten minutes until he throws up the sock he just ate, thus saving yourself from another trip to the ER (this time for animals) and a daughter who needs therapy for dealing with the guilt of giving it to him to play with.


This Was Fun. Not.

One week later.  This is "better" and he's still quite handsome in spite of it all.



The transition from 2013-2014 was a little tenuous as Mike hurt his neck, Murphy hurt his leg, the car battery died, and our downstairs HVAC unit went out (leading to six days without heat) all within two days of New Year's Eve.  However, it's all OK now and a new heat system was installed before the #articblast could get to us.  And more good news:  Our winter break has been extended to 18 days  thanks to today's high temperature of 9 degrees.  No snow, just freezing temperatures.  And tonight's forecasted high is 1!  1!?!  So we've snuggled with our puppy, invited friends over to play inside, and tried a few new recipes.  This is an Italian Braid that C is getting really good at making on her own.  And aren't all chefs cutest when wearing footie pajamas?