July 4th Weekend

Murphy does not like fireworks.
Ratio of bark to boom = 1 to 1.
Cameron made some pies.
And there was a BABY!

Welcome to the world, Anne Francis!


Welcome to Middle School

  • Pick up 5th grade report cards.  
  • Do happy dances because they both got straight As.  
  • Go immediately to middle school tryouts.
  • Celebrate as Cameron makes the volleyball team.
  • Agonize through three days of cuts before Kyle makes the basketball team.
  • Buy calendar big enough to schedule all practices, games, and activities.
  • And so it begins.


2015 Derby

Firing Line (2nd place) and Dortmund (3rd place) helped us win a little money!   I guess I can suffer a hat once a year if it means spending time with great neighborhood friends and even some of the SCE teachers.