The 23rd Year

When you are too cheap to buy a new coffeemaker even though the coffee basket often overflows, spreading coffee grounds and hot water all over your kitchen counter and floor, something like this happens:  You see it happening.  You grab the machine to move it so that the mess ends up in the sink.  It tips and and the entire contents spill all over your arm.  You scream (and you might end up throwing the entire machine out the door).  That morning you listen to all your coworkers' home remedy suggestions and end up with a keyboard covered in honey as you walk around smelling like white vinegar and various medications.  And then you get a new coffeemaker for your 23rd wedding anniversary.


Awwwwww, ACE!

First JV game under her belt and she rocked it!  She was the only JV player to play all three sets --- never taken out for a substitute.  She loves her teammates, and the team captain told her she was the 'coolest new player' on the team.  She is happy.  Volleyball is a good thing.

Ready. Not ready.

We've survived two weeks of middle school.  They are now 11 ½ --- changing and growing so quickly.  There was a first volleyball game for Cameron and a first "boyfriend" (we estimate it was a 15-hour "relationship").  Kyle has so many friends in the neighborhood and is so rarely home that we oftentimes forget to set a plate for him at dinner. They are handling the schedule and homework and newness of it all better than I am.  I just can't believe we're here already and I must admit that I'm both excited and terrified for what may come.  As Glennon Melton said about her son as he entered middle school:

"Someone needs to create a word that describes what happens inside of a mama's heart as she's watching her child walk into a school building. We need a word for the feeling that overtakes her after saying goodbye to her infant who is somehow masquerading as a young MAN and who is walking away from her into his adolescent life.  A word to describe the phenomena that is a mother sitting helplessly in her empty van while her heart silent screams her daily PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE!!!  PLEASE be good to him.  Please see his strengths and overlook his weaknesses.  Please sit by him at lunch. Please smile back when he smiles.  Please want to be his partner.  Please be gentle.  Pleasepleaseplease."

So I'll pray daily for their happiness.  For them to be kind and to be treated kindly.  I believe they're ready....but I'm not.