Read this book before visiting the exhibit:  "Kandinsky was a proper little boy:  he studied math and history, he practiced the piano, he sat up straight and was perfectly polite.  And when his family sent him to art classes, they expected him to paint pretty houses and flowers---like a proper artist.  And he did....at first."

Then his paintings will make sense (to two kids and their mom):

By the way, the Russian painter Kandinsky (1866 - 1944), who later lived in Germany and France, is one of the pioneers of twentieth-century art.  Nowadays he is regarded as the founder of abstract art. 

After visiting the exhibit at The First you, too, can paint (just as well!):

-by C

-by K

(this picture demonstrates that not all artists are stuffy and serious)


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

What a great way to raise money and awareness for a cause.  Mike's best friend from high school, Jimmy, challenged him (via video from Virginia).  He took the challenge and K wanted to donate a little money, too. C had no problem dumping ice on him!  Love these smiles.


MTSU Football Fan Day


K has Mr. Thomas.  C has Ms. Frisbie.  Both kids had best friends pulled out of their classrooms on day one due to an expansion teacher position.  They will survive.